As Hitay Foundation, we support the development of art and equal opportunities in education.

6th Mardin Bienali Support

Driven by our belief in the transformative power of art and education, we are delighted to support the 6th Mardin Bienali, which will take place from May 10 to June 10, 2024.

Through the personal initiative of our Founding Chairman, Emin Hitay, and institutional support of our foundation, we aim to contribute to the sixth edition of Mardin Bienali and support the cultural and artistic development of the region.

This long-term collaboration aims to increase the sustainability of the Mardin Bienali and its impact on the region.

We also aim to increase the impact and reach of the Mardin Bienali by enabling art to meet different disciplines and reach wider audiences through various events organized within the scope of the biennial.

The biennial, directed by Döne Otyam and Hakan Irmak, and curated by Ali Akay, asks questions about how we can go beyond all the artistic, political and sociological problems we are experiencing today under the title “Further Away”.

Hitay Foundation and Marmara University Art Competition took place with great excitement from November 7 to December 22, determining the students of Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts who won the participation prize for the 60th Venice Biennale Trip.

Hitay Foundation Art Competition, held 8 times since 2013, was programmed this year for the first time in collaboration with Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.

As Hitay Foundation, we annually support art students from disciplines such as painting, sculpture, and photography through the competition, enabling 4 students to attend Art Basel one year and the Venice Biennale the next. This year’s winners earned the opportunity to participate in the 60th Venice Biennale trip. A total of 47 students from the Sculpture, Painting, Ceramic-Glass, and Photography departments applied to the Art Competition, and after a rigorous jury selection, the winners were excitedly announced. We are delighted to support our students in experiencing an international art fair, and we congratulate all the winning students.

Primary Winners:

  • Bahadır Hızol
  • Sıla Öztürk
  • Eyhan Çelik
  • Ferhat Tunç

Alternate Winners:

  • Ozan Dursun
  • Merve Gündüz
  • Elif Uzun
  • Pamirhan Yıldıran

Hitay Foundation was established in 2019 by business person and art collector Emin Hitay to support arts and education in Turkey.

The Foundation aims to create space for artists, curators and writers working and producing in the field of visual arts. By contributing to the realization of various art projects, it aims to develop communication and production networks with individuals and institutions working in the field of art. Actively supporting students and artists through scholarships and projects and contributing to their educational development, the foundation works to promote equal opportunities in education. The Foundation continues to support students from all over Turkey through scholarships, art competitions and art trips abroad. Emin Hitay, the founder of the Foundation, has added many works by young artists to his collection of local and foreign modern and contemporary artworks.

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